Author: lkdyogi

What is Success? Some Extended Thoughts

I used to believe that the only way to make it in this world was to succeed—in the traditional sense of the word, with some 21st century flair.

You know the kind: best selling book, external validation from strangers, those strangers telling you that whatever you did (insert creation/company/product here) changed their lives. The narrative is so cliché it makes you wonder, because of its popularity, maybe it’s not.


Why Don’t You Just Write?

Do we need permission to do the things we want?


I was listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast on the bus the other day. Liz (cause we’re close, I can call her that) was helping out a young American poet who got rejected to a dozen MFA programs. She was feeling like she didn’t deserve to be a poet and write.

I was tearing up. I thought it was me talking to Liz Gilbert on that podcast.