Around the Web

Want to read some other things I’ve written in other places around the internet? (or not). If you’re interested, feel free to check these out!

_______________________ is wonderful blog run by Arriane Serafico that encourages you to use your creativity for nation-building. Their official description is: “Our mission is to channel and use creativity as a tool for nation-building, and to empower other young people to do the same, by making those game-changing opportunities fun and accessible!” 

Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 10.12.32 AM.jpg.jpg

How to Join a Bazaar: An Easy Beginner’s Guide + Free Bonus Checklist

wanderrgirl article.jpg

How to Sell Successfully at a Bazaar: 4 Entrepreneur Secrets, and then some


Seiri Mag

Seiri mag is a new magazine that features an array of topics from film and literature to fashion and art. It’s new magazine made by a dear friend of mine. You should give it a read.

seiri cover.jpg seiri mag1.jpg

Dine in the Dark

I’ve also written some articles for MUNI PH

How Citizens Can Help Redesign Sustainable Cities

Muni Meetup on Travel and Truth: Creating a Community of Mindful Travellers


You can find a collection of my writing here.


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